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АВР Boards


AVR (АВР) Boards (automatic transfer switch boards) are designed to receive electrical energy from two independent sources and to protect against overloads and short circuits.

In the event of a power failure on one of the feeders, AVR (АВР) automatic transfer switch automatically switches to the other feeder.
AVR (АВР) automatic transfer switch is manufactured for currents from 1A to 1000A according to TR3430-003-5674020-2002 and meets the requirements of GOST R51321.1-2000 section 7 OKP 343000.

AVR (АВР) automatic transfer switch up to 100A is completed with automatic switches at the input. AVR (АВР) automatic transfer switch for a current above 100A at the input is completed with knife-switches and fuses.

The dimensions of AVR (АВР) automatic transfer switch are selected either according to the equipment or according to the customer's drawings (sketches).

The casing of cabinet must be grounded. AVR (АВР) cabinets can be manufactured with a voltage of 220V and 380V.
AVR (АВР) cabinets are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 51321.1-2000 and TR 3430-003-56374020-2002.