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KSO-285 (КСО-285)


KSO-285 (КСО-285) one-sided service collecting chambers with air insulation with fixed electric switchboards for a nominal voltage of 6 and 10 kV three-phase alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz are designed to receive and distribute electrical energy and are used to work in switchgears of networks with insulated or grounded by a neutral through arc suppression coil.

The chambers are designed for the use of both oil and vacuum breakers. During the development we took into consideration the operating experience of the KSO-285 (КСО-285). This made it possible to implement a number of design solutions for KSO-285 (КСО-285) which increased reliability, safety and flexibility in application. KSO-285 (КСО-285) also differs from the previous modification of the KSO 285 (КСО 285) series having smaller depth and height dimensions.

Currently, the production of KSO285 (КСО285) chambers is carried out mostly for substations where KSO-285 (КСО-285) chambers were previously installed and which now require expansion or modernization up-dating. In newly built switchgears, it is advisable to use further improved modifications of the KSO 200 (КСО 200) series.

Complies with the requirements of TR 3414-001-56374028-201.