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Packaged Transformer Substations (КТП)


Kiosk type Packaged Transformer Substations (KTP (КТП)) are one- or two-transformer outdoor substations and are used to receipt and transit electrical energy and convert it into electricity with a voltage of 0.4 kV, as well as to supply and protect consumers in settlements, industrial and other facilities in areas with a temperate climate.

Packaged Transformer substations (KTP (КТП)) is a type of electrification equipment, specified for the power supply of industrial enterprises, industrial estates and residential buildings. Packaged Transformer Substations comply fully with state standards and also with the environmental standards, which makes them essential for the implementation of power grids isolated operation.

There are two types of KTP (КТП) Packaged Transformer Substations depending on the operating requirements and design documentation: indoor and outdoor installation. Indoor KTP (КТП) Packaged Transformer Substations are directed to provide AC electrical energy conversion cycle with a frequency of 50 Hz. Transformer Substation with outdoor installation are installed in temperate climatic zones without exceeding critical values of precipitation levels. In addition to that, Transformer Substations are classified according to the connection type of power grids: one-ended Packaged Transformer Substations, tie Packaged Transformer Substations, double-ended Packaged Transformer Substations. One-ended Transformer Substations operate frome a one installation, which makes them the most efficient when supplying small areas. Double-ended КТП Packaged Transformer Substations can operate with two or more power supply lines. Moreover, Transformer Substations can differ in design.

KTP (КТП) Packaged Transformer Substation circuit provides current and voltage control on the 0.4 kV side. KTP Packaged Transformer Substation provides the following protection types: - against atmospheric overvoltage (if using overhead lines); - against short circuit between phases; - against overloading of the supply transformer; - against overloading and short circuits of 0.4 kV lines; - against short circuits of heater circuits, KTP (КТП) Packaged Transformer Substation light circuits; - transformer Merz-price protection (for KTP (КТП) Packaged Transformer Substation-1000 kVA; for KTP (КТП) Packaged Transformer Substation-630 kVA - at the customer's request). KTP (КТП) Packaged Transformer Substations are supplied with electrical and mechanical interlocks (complete set). They provide a safe working enviroment for the operating personnel.