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SchO70-1-03 (ЩО70-1-03)


"ElectroTechOborudovanie" factory is a manufacturer of panels of SchO 70 (ЩО 70) series (SchO 70 (ЩО 70), SchO-70 (ЩО-70)) (switchboard for one-sided service).

Panels of SchO 70 (ЩО 70) series are intended for completing switchgears used for reception, distribution, metering of three-phase alternating current power with a voltage of 380V and a frequency of 50Hz. They are also used for protecting lines from overloads and short-circuit currents.

SchO 70 (ЩО 70) panels represent a welded shell made of metal profiles, 1.5-2mm thick. Switching devices (circuit breakers, knife switches), connecting bus-bars, N, PE bus-bars, as well as lighting are installed inside the shell. The panels come in three standard sizes - ЩО 70 -1-XX, ЩО 70-2-XX, ЩО-3-XX. Panels of the 1st and 2nd type have overall dimensions of 2200 * 800 * 600 with a protective visor for instrument devices (height * width * depth). Panels of the 3rd type have overall dimensions of 2000 * 800 * 600 with a similar protective visor. Ammeters and voltmeters are installed in the holes in the of the protective visor.

Panels of SchO 70 (ЩО 70) series are classified according to their usage:

 1) input panels have nominal currents of 630A, 1000A, 1600A, 2000A, and are provided for both cable and bus-burs entries;
 2)  linear, sectional, input-sectional, input-linear;
 3)  panels for drives to disconnectors,
 4)  panels with ATS (automatic transfer switch) equipment;
 5)  metering panels (swtichboards);
 6)  light dispatcher control panels;
 7)  side panels.

Switchgear panels of SchO 70 (ЩО 70) series are installed in the premises which are intended for them, such as transformer substations КТП, КТПН and others. Panels assembled into a switchboard are connected by bus-bars.

The price for SchO 70 (ЩО 70) panels depends on the equipment installed in it. For the standard panels the price is formed in the price list, non-standard ones are ordered according to the data acquisition. When ordering ЩО 70 it is necessary to indicate in the data acquisition the following: the reference designation of ЩО 70 panels, the quantity and nominal currents of the circuit breaker releases (for linear panels). It is also necessary to provide circuit diagrams if they differ from the standard ones.

The panels meet the requirements of GOST-R5Ш1 1-2000 section 7 and TR 3430-003 56374020-2002. SchO 70 (ЩО 70) panels of our production are provided with a quality certificate, passport and all of the necessary documentation for the installed equipment.