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Special equipment


Special equipment.

We offer a wide range of non-specialized metal products

Our enterprise can manufacture the following items:

  • metail stairs, steps
  • workbenches, workbench elements
  • metal racks, show-cases, shelves
  • protective covers, protective screens
  • tool box
  • tracks, tracks are made according to customer's design (drawings)
  • fences, railings
  • caps for brick fences, spiers
  • various metal structures by the drawings
  • animal crates, kennels
  • frames for various purposes
  • metal containers, cabinets, furniture structures
  • benches, gazebos, mangals
  • «Pushkinskiy» lamp
  • stands for various purposes, racks, stand base for monuments, aquariums, rain barrels and others
  • structural channel, galvanized siding of any size
  • fitting structures, arches
  • gates, wicket gates, entry elements
  • machine-tools, frames for machine-tools
  • non-standard jacks
  • vegetable boxes
  • custom-made carts
  • body and cabin metal components (for example, fenders and bumpers for agricultural machinery)
  • non-standard equipment cabinets
  • metal doorsteps
  • custom-made kiosks, guardhouses
  • cellar and roof hatches (including insulated ones)
  • reinforced structural channel for drywall and profiled sheet
  • roof ice rakes (price-oriented, under the board)
  • illuminated isulated window for production roofs
  • trash containers (standart and non-standard)
  • gas boiler stand, foundation