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Ya5000 (Я5000)


Control boxes of Ya5000 (Я5000) series are designed to control induction motors operating in continuous, short-time or intermittent modes.
UHL4 (УХЛ4) climatic category in accordance with GOST 15150-69. Natural cooling. The degree of protection is from IP21 up to IP54. Ya5000 (Я5000) series control boxes differ in the quantity of controlled electric motors, the presence of a reverse of the controlled electric motor, the supply voltage of the control circuits and the composition of the equipment.
The rated voltage of the power supply circuit is 380V, the frequency is 50Hz. The rated voltage of control circuits is 110, 220 and 380V, the frequency is 50Hz.
The power circuit is protected against short circuits by circuit breakers. For Ya5130 (Я5130) — Ya5135 (Я5135) and Ya5430 (Я5430) — Ya5435 (Я5435) boxes, the protective device is installed outside the box (for example, in a distribution point).

Protection of electric motors in case of overloads is carried out by temperature relays, control circuits with 1-3-pole circuit breakers.

Starters are used as electric switchgear.
Switches in the control boxes of electric motors are used in local and remote modes.
Intermediate relays are installed in Ya5141 (Я5141), Ya 5441 (Я5441) boxes. Modular-block terminals are installed in the boxes of Ya5001 (Я5001) — Ya5005 (Я5005) series. Control boxes of Ya5000 (Я5000) series are manufactured according to GOST R 51321.1-2000 section 7 and according to TR 3430-003-56374020-2002.