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The complete low-voltage distribution and control devices of RUSM (РУСМ) series are designed to control AC electric motors, input and distribution, as well as control and metering of electricity.

Ya5000 (Я5000)

Control boxes of Ya5000 (Я5000) series are designed to control induction motors operating in continuous, short-time or intermittent modes.

АВР Boards

AVR (АВР) Boards (automatic transfer switch boards) are designed to receive electrical energy from two independent sources and to protect against overloads and short circuits.

Floor distribution boards (interfloor)

Floor distribution boards for accomodation buildings of ЩЭ series are designed for distribution and metering of electricity with a voltage of 220V, protection of lines during overloads and against short-circuit currents in three-phase networks with a voltage of 380 / 220V, installation of telepho