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KSO (КСО) chambers are designed to receive and distribute three-phase alternating current of 50 and 60 Hz power frequency with voltage of (6) 10 kV in networks with an isolated or grounded neutral through an arc suppression coil and. They are used for completing switchgears in closed switchboard rooms.

KSO (КСО) chambers manufactured according to the technical regulations TR3414-041- 32574607-2003, with the degree of protection from the front side and side face- IP20, and IP00 from the other sides (according to GOST 14254-54). They help to significantly increase the life cycle of article, while reducing the operational and maintenance time and costs and also provide other variety of advantages. The casing of KSO-203 (КСО-203) chambers is produced by using advanced high-tech equipment and painted with durable epoxy-powder paints applied by electrostatic spraying. The unit design and removable doors allow for accommodation of various equipment, which can be easily removed or replaced similar equipment during the operation. In addition to that, the design and installation compatibility can be preserved by using KSO-292 (КСО-292) and KSO-285 (КСО-282) chambers. All of these advantages.

КСО-203 chambers fully comply with the requirements of the State Security Standard and have a Russian Certificate of Conformity No. POCC RU.ME25.B01361.

The main operating conditions for KSO (КСО) chambers include the following:

  • performance category 3 according to GOST 15150 and GOST 15543 in terms of the external environment climatic factors influence;
  • the lower surrounding air temperature value - 40°С;
  • the upper and effective surrounding air temperature values are equal to + 40°С.
  • height above sea level is maximum 1000m;

KSO (КСО) chambers are not designed to operate in atmopshere contaminated with gas, vapors and chemical deposits harmful to insulation, as well as in explosive and fire hazardous environments.

Terms and conditions of delivery

KSO (КСО) chambers are ordered according to the data acquisition. We can manufacture chambers according to atypical schemes and complete with any equipment (including imported equipment) at the customer's request.