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The complete low-voltage distribution and control devices of RUSM (РУСМ) series are designed to control AC electric motors, input and distribution, as well as control and metering of electricity.
These devices are used in rooms with high humidity and dustiness, in chemically aggressive environments and in industrial installations.

Structurally, RUSM (РУСМ) devices are made in the form of metal boxes of four standard sizes:

  1. 250*250*250;
  2. 500*250*250;
  3. 500*500*250;
  4. 750*500*250.

Electrical devices are installed both on the panel inside the box and on its door, with the devices on the door that implement monitoring and control functions - buttons, light signalling hardware, switches, circuit breaker actuators and temperature relays.

The input and output of external conductors is carried out through the glands.
RUSM (РУСМ) devices are divded into the following types:

  1. RUSM 5000 (РУСМ 5000)-control boxes for electric motors control.
  2. RUSM 8000 (РУСМ 8000)-boxes for input and distribution of electricity.
  3. RUSM 9000 (РУСМ 9000)-auxiliary devices.